Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blab, Blab, Blab!

I swear to god, I really need to stop blabbing about my some of my experiences at work. Nobody except a select know about some of the experiences I have shared here and who I really am. Not that it would be extremely difficult to determine. I have a very respectable career, one that earns a good salary and potential to earn substantially more. I know employers can not discriminate based on "beliefs" or what some others may refer to as "mental illness", however, I do not want to undermine my credibility. The Stigma would drive me more paranoid than I already am.

But, in the end, I believe I am doing what, as John Locke from LOST would say, "what the Island wants me to do", or "What I'm supposed to be doing".

Therefor, sobeit if I am known by my real name and am connected with this blog. I want whats best for humanity, as long as my baby is not sacrificed. Do not ask me to choose. In fact, it's a warning.

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