Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To Whom can I Request Asylum?

If there were such an agency, terrestrial or not, would I even want to? Hell, I can't even be sure the agency(s) to which I would apply to aren't the ones actually interfering with my well being.

However, that being said, I wonder if the intelligence leaker Snowden will be granted asylum by Russia? I don't know enough about the situation to say much, other than I wonder if they would grant me asylum? Perhaps they could get their psychic program afloat again. Haha! Maybe, they are the ones interfering with me and not my own US government. And if not my own government, then who the hell am I seeking asylum from?

Perhaps the world governments should be a little more concerned with all that I have revealed in my short time. There is much, much more. The sooner the better for the planet, humans included. I know certain factions are monitoring my ramblings, and you should really contact me in an official capacity. I really do want to help.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where am I Going? Where have I Been?

I'm about to visit the Land of some very special People.I feel like I'm supposed to. One of the many suppose to's. I attempted this nearly four years ago and thought about it again two and a half years ago. I couldn't go through with it. It's not that I didn't want to, but I was afraid to. Would my life change once I went. Would my Destiny Manifest, or would it be all for naught? Perhaps neither. Just another step along the Path. Albeit a very, very important one. I'm not sure how they will receive me, if they will receive me. Will they know me? Do I know me? Will they remind me? Perhaps I don't want to know who I am, or was, and it's that reluctance that repels me from a Most Honorable People. Perhaps it will be for me and me alone.

Places shouldn't matter. I am Everywhere, and I am Nowhere. It's the Human Spirit and their respect for their Home that makes the Land Sacred.

Don't be led astray. Incorporate, but don't be enveloped. Stand Fast!