Saturday, May 12, 2007

(the girls at walmart/ phil's virtual grave)

I had to have that copy of Time magazine, I thought. Maybe there is more to it than what is on the internet. So I set out on my mini quest to obtain the magazine. It was a warm night, less humid than it had been in prior days. The stars competed with night lights, each trying to out shine each other.

Exiting the store, I noticed two young women, wearing blue walmart smocks and smoking (apparently on their lunch break?) One said to the other, "I know he's a scientists".
Then, the larger girl sitting opposite her said, "He thinks he's a god, but hes not".
Holy shit! What the hell is going on here? I mean, is that normal conversation for two young ladies on to be talking about on their lunch break? And, saying it almost as if they were reading it from a cue card. So I could hear what they were saying.

Earlier in the day my mother had come by our apartment in Cape, and brought dinner from McDonald's, for everybody. It was weird, could have been coincidental, but with everything else going on, probably not. I'm sure it happened this way for a reason. One of the toys was a Green Goblin toy advertising the Spiderman movie that we had watched earlier on Sunday. Also, there was a soda tray turned upside down. When looked at this way, it was a duplicate of the liquid chamber that the pre cogs in the movie "Minority Report" were living in. I cut one of them out, and it resembled it to a "T". Wow, was all I could think at the time.

A few days later while surfing the net I was directed to a site, it was "find a grave memorial" site, and it was a direct link to a picture of Phil's and twin sister Jane's shared grave. It wasn't until I read a comment by a guest that I was once again struck by that all to powering presence of deja vu. The comment said: "It's strange to feel sadness for someone you never you, especially someone who died 20 years ago, but your books continue to be eerily close to my own life (scary, huh?). I hope you got some answers." It was posted my "Kemek", and it is the only post or virtual flower by said person even to this day. It was posted on 6-30-02, and there was a cartoon picture of a horse's head next to it. Yet another instance of deja vu

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