Monday, May 14, 2007


One day I decided to rent a few movies from the local Hastings. One of the movies I got was "Legend", one of the very first fantasies to come out in theater using superb digital effects. We didn't have a DVD player at the time, so it was a VHS that I rented. This was at the very early acting career for Tom Cruise. He played a mortal human who lived in the forest and was in love with a princess. He shows the princess some unicorns one day but unbeknownst to the two of them, they were followed by Evil. Evil in the forms of Dwarves and Imps cut the horn from one of the unicorns and thus the downfall begins. Jack (Tom Cruise) must find a way to put things back in order, again. This was sort of a precursor to what would be "The Lord of the Rings" one day (cinematically speaking , of course).

When watching this (I was also drinking a little) I remembered that I had watched this before. Not in the deja vu sense, but I had really, earlier in this life time watched this. That time was back in the summer of 1986 at my father's house in Tulare, California. Watching this movie brought back "magical" memories, or so it seemed, of a very fun, complete summer.

A few nights later, I dreamed that I had the antenna from my Dodge Daytona and was using it sort of like a fencing sword, at no one in particular. That very next day, when I first walked out into the glaring sun and glanced over at my car, I noticed that my antenna was missing from my car. It was apparently broken off since the last time I was in it. This was a very strong indicator that I was indeed having a sort of "psychic prominence".

A few days later, I was working on the car (installing new brakes on the front wheels), when I got a sudden urge to look after my daughter (she was five years old at the time and plenty curious; she was walking around the gravel alley next to our apartment buildings parking area) to make sure she was okay. And everything began to swim before me in familiarity. The deja vu had come on in a blast of fury. It was like I could not shake it. I tried, but everything leached out that I (we) had been in that same exact situation before.

Around the next night, as I we were walking back to the house after walking down by the river for some kind of street carnival, I found a note folded in half being held down to the windshield by a windshield wiper blade. It was a about an eight inch long by three inch wide piece of stationary. It had a picture of a colorful teapot and cup and saucer on the bottom and the writing area bordered by green box and two tone blue triangles with the very top orange and red ribboned. It read in yellow, "shopping list" at the top, as part of the stationary. The note handwritten in ink read: "Simon - Call Home ASAP Mom and Dad".

Another overpowering sense of deja vu hit me. Not only that, but the name Simon. Simon was one of the early Gnostic Christians in the Bible. Another Gnostic was Thomas, whom Phil thought he may have been, or been in contact with in his 2-3-74 experiences. For some reason, I felt this message was meant for me. Maybe Phil was Thomas, and I was Simon, and we were part of the same mission (not necessarily religion related on the deepest, most real level, but metaphorically).

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