Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whats this Life for?

Whats this Life for?

When the Universe summons you
tells you that there is an important
task at hand, and through the senses
it can be verified, and through the being
feelings, are edified.

Again, Why?

Cast out
out of humanity, I was
making a new name and life
one where no one could find me
those that are searching
I am Lost
there is nowhere to look

May the Universe find you
and keep you

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Scanner Darkly; Made of Membots

One of my so-called anamnestic memories that I became aware of in 2002-2003 was of an instance when I (or PKD) was walking along a sidewalk fronting some kind of shopping plaza or district. I was walking alongside a medium built, butterscotch haired, slender faced gentleman and discussing, of all things, PKD's A Scanner Darkly. Near the site there was a park and three people sitting on a picnic table.

Did I mention that I think it possible that our own US government or some other organization implanted those types of "anamnestic" memories in me, possible to make me think that somehow I am relevant to the PKD phenomenon? I have a few other guesses as to what is going on, including: Well, we'll just have to wait on that won't we? I will say this, however; If it were say 2037 or so, I think it possible that I've been injected with "membots" that were once a part of "you know who"; thus my affiliations with "you know who".

This is the subject of my first novel in the making. Now if I could stop procrastinating and just get on with the damned thing.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Extra-retinal Vision?

For about 3 weeks now I've been experiencing some kind of "extra-retinal" vision. It usually occurs just before waking up after an extended sleep. With my eyes closed I am able to see nearly perfect vision. It usually is nearly identical to when I open my eyes, however, that is not always the case. Usually, it is some scene in my bedroom. I remember being aware of it at the time, but it slowly evades me throughout the day. It's never (at least I don't recall) like I'm above my body looking down, but it's as if I am seeing as though my eyes were open. It's not like an after-image either. It's pure, unadulterated vision. And I'm certainly not above to think that these could be merely hypnopompic hallucinations.

There has been one exception to the content of the experience. Just yesterday morning, May 1, I recall seeing a book, open to reveal some text, but alas, that evades me as well.

It is interesting to note that about the same time this began ocurring, I downloading some of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's brainwave "entrainment" using my Rhapsody acount. I'm not certain if that was it, or it was coincidental, but nevertheless, it has been interesting.