Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Scanner Darkly; Made of Membots

One of my so-called anamnestic memories that I became aware of in 2002-2003 was of an instance when I (or PKD) was walking along a sidewalk fronting some kind of shopping plaza or district. I was walking alongside a medium built, butterscotch haired, slender faced gentleman and discussing, of all things, PKD's A Scanner Darkly. Near the site there was a park and three people sitting on a picnic table.

Did I mention that I think it possible that our own US government or some other organization implanted those types of "anamnestic" memories in me, possible to make me think that somehow I am relevant to the PKD phenomenon? I have a few other guesses as to what is going on, including: Well, we'll just have to wait on that won't we? I will say this, however; If it were say 2037 or so, I think it possible that I've been injected with "membots" that were once a part of "you know who"; thus my affiliations with "you know who".

This is the subject of my first novel in the making. Now if I could stop procrastinating and just get on with the damned thing.

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