Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taos, NM and the Hum

I'm currently on the road (in my car, not on foot). I'm currently in Taos, NM - home of many important cultural and art museums. Many creative types - artists, writers, painters, etc, have made Taos, New Mexico their home.

I really wanted to investigate (albeit a short lived investigation) the "hum" and possibly experience it. I've heard the hum in two places just north of Pittsburgh when I lived their. However, a significant portion of Taos, NM (at least 10%) "hears" the hum.

Here is my original post about the hum when I first heard it in Butler, PA.

Sure enough, when thing were quite in my hotel room this morning, upon awakening I could hear that faint hum that sounds like an 18-wheeler from a distance.

Yesterday, on highway 64, just east of Taos, I got out to take some pictures and when I turned the car off, I thought perhaps I didn't because I could steel feel the "hum" of the car. It wasn't sound as much as vibration. And later, at the Taos visitor center, I asked a lady about it and she verified that people say the focal point is about 10 miles east of Taos. I found that after the fact of my experiencing it myself.

Very interesting.