Friday, January 24, 2014

The 4400 - Opening (Amanda Abizaid - A Place in Time)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

We'll Find a Place in Time

It's been quite some time since I've felt any kind of "special" connection with any shows, such as the previously mentioned movies and tv shows such as Alias, Battlestar Galactica, ect. It's been roughly four years since any such intuitions manifested. Over the previous 2-3 weeks I've been watching "The 4400" which involves 4400 abductees who were taken from various times in the previous century into the future. They were sent back to the early 21st century with special abilities in an effort to guide humanity in a more positive direction to avoid eventual catastrophe.

I began watching it the first time when it first came out. I believe I got through the first couple of seasons of four total. However, I'm almost certain that I didn't finish the series. But the closer to the ending I get, the more familiar it seems I am with the series. This could be something as simple as a simple error in judgement and memory on my part. However, I'm just feeling a little strange throughout this ordeal. It seems like I may have dreamed some of the scenes in the series before I had watched them. Of course, my dreams are fairly vivid and often comprise of science fiction and action/adventure/spy intrigue sort of scenarios. I wish my imagination were nearly as good as my dream world.

At the moment I've decided to go through a period of sleep deprivation in an attempt to induce vivid and creative hypnogonic type thoughts. I am now near the 41st hour of sleeplessness. So far, I am actually feeling quite lucid and together. To note: I began having these feelings and intuitions long before I began the sleeplessness cycle. Once I am well rested I'll try not to wait so long to give a more detailed summary of my thoughts on this matter.