Friday, October 10, 2008

Am I A Cylon?

I finished watching Battlestar Galactica yesterday up to season 4 episode 10. Some eerie frakin shit going down. Gods dammit! I'm feeling that air of familiarity again. Jesus, that bagpipe tune. My anamnesis was similar, but it is still going on. Reminds me of the time in 2002 when I watched Impostor and when Olum Spensor looks inside of the alien ship and he sees his wife. Bam, the deja vu hit me very hard then. Also, in Alias, when one of the characters' wife is a double agent for SD6. I knew it! And it was more than just a hunch. While watching original Battlestar Galactica, in 2002, I had an eerie feeling Adama and Apollo enter the Carillon planet and discover a casino where the patron "always wins". At that time I was thinking about my entire life situation and saying to myself "somethings not right", Apollo say's "Somethings not right here". The gods be damned! Imagine That!

That, coupled with all the other experiences I have had, I am left to believe that either myself, or my SO is a Cylon. Well, perhaps not a Cylon, but an Impostor at the very least. Note that I am not saying that the Impostor is bad per say, but not what it is supposed to be. I am so conflicted! Not that I totally believe it, but, I know something is going on with me. And yes, I know crazy is most definitely an option. BTW, my SO is not in any danger. Whatever this may be, I've fought hard not to let the paranoia "trigger" an unexpected response. This counter-intuitive is VALIS or a VALIS-like entity.

Who or ... what, the Frak am I? Huh?

Friday, October 3, 2008

The TV is N My Head the Cylon Said

A friend of mine has loaned me the full set of Battlestar Galactica episodes. All the hooplah about the Cylons having "souls" as much as the Humans do merits much thought as today in "our" world, many humans believe that other life forms that are not human do not possess a soul. Scientifically speaking of course, there is no evidence of a soul, anyhow. Instead the nearest topic that could be applied would be that of "senescence" - the ability of an organism to be aware of itself as an independent entity and aware of it's thoughts as being localized to itself. Not a textbook definition, but accurate nonetheless.

My purpose here is not to say whether one is right or wrong in believing either which way, but to merely report of memories that I have of both dreams and thoughts about life as an entity other than human.

When I was around the ages of 3-6 I had dreams and daydreams of seeing beings that resembled old cathode ray tube televisions complete with the rabbit ear antennas. There legs were like tripod leg stands. And I'm not quite sure, but there may have been a humanoid face in the screen. Yeah, I know it's a major feature not to be sure of, but nevertheless, the idea remains the same.

It all goes back to the old question - what does it really mean to be human. And, are there other entities than human that are truly capable of the emotions? If we do happen to meet any silicon based life form, how will we treat them?

Is it necessarily logical that humans were the ones that created the machines. What if the silicon based life form were able to naturally evolve into the same type of intelligence who could then create carbon based life forms and they could create a more "rudimentary" form of silicon based life in which if the developed would turn in the highly sophisticated "Cylons" of Battlestar Galactica.

OK, the Ambien is beginning to kick in and I had better stop now, before I write something that I won't be able to explain.

Kudos to Battlestar Galactica --- Great Frakin' show