Sunday, September 22, 2013

Am I Excluded from The Human Touch?

Here I am, using my Blogger iPhone app to make a post. Haha! And it takes the heartbreak of a woman to get me to post. Despite the most recent dream involving the President Obama and the presidency in general (about 3 weeks ago) I post because alas, I am lonely. 

I have important things to do (potentially of the most important kind) and yet I'm paralyzed of moving on because I'm just looking for a little bit of that human touch as Bruce Springsteen so delicately touches us with. 

I'd like a relationship but sometimes I just want to play, with as many women as possible. But so many near misses. What is going wrong? Universe? Do you want my help? Tit for Tat!!! I'm going to start calling you on it. The Universe entity I'm referring to is in the guise of many. Separate Universes. The Universe, gods and goddesses, ET's, governments, our own US government. Come on... You have intelligence and spies. Dress someone up and send her my way. Let's have a play date, shall we? Keep me occupied for a while. Then perhaps I can do what I need to do. Even I need to see my wild oats ;-)