Monday, May 14, 2007

At the Bluff

A few days after that I had found out that the movie "Legend" was being released this year as part of a two DVD package. It had the original directors cut using the original score, which was more classical in nature as opposed to the Tangerine Dream score. Actually, I liked the Tangerine Dream score just fine, but, I had just bought a DVD player, and wanted to own the "Legend" DVD as well.

My mother had a doctors appointment that day (actually it was for one of the twins) at Bluff and had asked me to drive them up there. I said I would, and while they were waiting I started off for Kmart to look for the DVD. On the way to the store, there was a lady in a small car behind me, and she veered off to the right lane. I had another intense deja vu moment. Everything was just as it was before. I made it to Kmart and got the DVD and went back to the doctors office and waited. These deja vu moments can really take a lot out of a person, especially having them at the frequency I had been. It certainly doesn't help with depersonalization. I feel even more like I'm in a dream, very surreal.

I'm not sure where else to fit this in so I'll say it here. I should mention that Ridley Scott was the one who directed "Legend" and also directed "Bladerunner" which was based on Phil's "Do Androids Dream Electric Sheep".

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