Thursday, June 13, 2013

Free at Last

Despite being homeless in a state far away from where I previously had a home, I couldn't feel more free than I do at the moment. Living sequestered in that apartment in Pennsylvania was destroying my heart and soul. I was almost literally trapped in my apartment. I am camping on Federal lands inexpensively (cheaper than rent). I'll be in the Taos,  New Mexico area for quite some time and have even submitted my resume for a position in the lab at one of a nearby hospital. In a way, I'm not sure if I want to stop camping, living in car, whatever. I feel so free and unbound, and I can carry on with my work (writing, learning, teaching, playing, etc.). I am tempted by the stability of a full time job, in addition to being able to date with money in my pocket. A part of me screams, NO! It's not time yet. My "camping" journey has just begun and Taos is but one of many brief respites along the way. Not sure what I will do but I know I am truly living in the moment as much as I can.