Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Star Trek: Enterprise

Star Trek: Enterprise is currently airing on the SciFi Channel, Monday nights from 6 pm to 10 pm Central Time. It's the latest in the Star Trek universe that has been created, yet it is set about 100 years before the original Star Trek timeline. It is the prequel to the Star Trek saga.

Since Next Generation I have been reluctant to view any of the other new series, which would be Voyager and Deep Space Nine. It just doesn't get any better than The Next Generation in my opinion. However, since I've been watching Enterprise on Monday nights, I have grown to actually look forward to those Monday nights. I even like the nostalgic theme song they play, despite the protests by "the better half".

Although I'm not the most articulate critic and hardly qualified to review the series, I do enjoy seeing the advancements made and how they are put to use before the "Original" series comes into play. One example would be when members of the away team(?) must use the teleportation transporter to get back to the Enterprise. Ensign Hoshi experiences temporal difficulties as well as hallucinations, etc. Of course, these were the early trials of teleportation, so there were the typical stories of people not being molecularly reassembled correctly. Quite literally, a few molecules short of a full entity.

This is just one example of the many technologies being introduced to the crew and Starfleet.
It's a very decent series. I highly recommend it for thought provoking entertainment.

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