Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our Synthetic Futures

Another cool story I found on Wired. Science fiction writer Rudy Rucker imagines what it would be like when we use technology (especially at the nano scale) to benefit ourselves through biological means.

A humorous article yet undeniably possible, Rudy wittingly takes us for a ride into fictive scenarios.

"One last thought. Suppose it were possible to encode a person’s memory and personality into a single, very large, DNA-like molecule. Now suppose that someone turns himself into a viral disease that other people can catch. If I were you—sneeze—oh, wait, I guess I am. Are we completely agreed?"


Virginia Lee said...

I vaguely recall reading somewhere years ago that if you live with the same person or persons long enough you eventually trade all your molecules with theirs. Reading this article makes that seem a whole lot more feasible. Oh yes, the thirteen year old girl who permanently occupies part of my brain would like to add, "Ewww!"

Leah J. Utas said...

The possibilites are intriguing.
I'm okay with everyone being connected just the way we are already.

MDK said...

Virginia - I'm not so sure that each of you would exchange molecules (some of the carbon that you exhale, in the form of carbon dioxide will escape into the atmosphere and not be taken up by a partner). It is true that biologically much of you that you were is gone and replaced by carbon, etc. that came from something else.

leah - they are intriguing!

Peggy said...

Infectious personalities - that's a fun idea.

MDK said...

A totally infectious idea :)