Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taos, NM and the Hum

I'm currently on the road (in my car, not on foot). I'm currently in Taos, NM - home of many important cultural and art museums. Many creative types - artists, writers, painters, etc, have made Taos, New Mexico their home.

I really wanted to investigate (albeit a short lived investigation) the "hum" and possibly experience it. I've heard the hum in two places just north of Pittsburgh when I lived their. However, a significant portion of Taos, NM (at least 10%) "hears" the hum.

Here is my original post about the hum when I first heard it in Butler, PA.

Sure enough, when thing were quite in my hotel room this morning, upon awakening I could hear that faint hum that sounds like an 18-wheeler from a distance.

Yesterday, on highway 64, just east of Taos, I got out to take some pictures and when I turned the car off, I thought perhaps I didn't because I could steel feel the "hum" of the car. It wasn't sound as much as vibration. And later, at the Taos visitor center, I asked a lady about it and she verified that people say the focal point is about 10 miles east of Taos. I found that after the fact of my experiencing it myself.

Very interesting.


Anonymous said...

How are you finding la? You're in front of me stuck in traffic!

MDK said...

Hey Anonymous,

Glad you found my website. Believe it or not I actually heard/felt the hum upon waking in the early morning hours of the Hollywood USA Hostel. And I heard/felt it when I stayed with a couchsurfing host in Salinas, CA.

I'll post on that later. I plan to begin updating this blog soon. Please stay tuned!