Saturday, March 21, 2009

So Say We All

Last night, the final episode of the Battlestar Galactica was seen by those who followed and those who may have recently stumbled upon the story. The story itself is old, that of humanity's cycle of destruction, presumably by our own guises.

I began following the show last year, caught up to the current episodes in a hurry and was thoroughly enthralled to experience the story unfold at the same time as thousands of others across the globe had.

I was fairly satisfied with the ending of all the plot lines, however, I was slightly amiss at the ambiguity of the Kara Thrase (Starbuck) storyline. So, was she an "angel" and what other characteristics are there? Is she indeed the same Starbuck whose body was found in a raptor on the Earth? Did she become an "angel" after that? A different Starbuck? Too many possibilities. She obviously loved Lee Adama, so why didn't she stay with him as opposed to leaving now that her purpose had been fulfilled? Was she the same kind of entity, angel if you prefer, as that of the doubles of Gaius and Caprica?

150,000 years into the future and obviously evolution of life, humanity and technology occur. The entities that double as Gaius and Caprica are discussing the societal evolution and the cycles. Caprica says, "All this has happened before" and Gaius says (to paraphrase because I forgot exactly what he said)But does that mean it will have to happen again?

So, that is the question. Will we, humanity, follow other possible worlds cycles of destruction? And a subsequent species (not necessarily related to the aforementioned prior destroyed species) be "born" only to destruct in the same manner?

Perhaps there are those living amongst us, who already know the answer to that. Perhaps they help seed the unconscious minds of those who are responsible for showing us these possibilities? But that would take all credit away from the writers, directors, producers, etc. And I wouldn't do that.

What I do know is that there were parts of this show, (along with Alias, 24) that I remember having had experienced being aware of them before, a keen sense of deja vu that occur at key points within the series'. I post about them here, here, and here. Although I haven't had the strictest sense of deja vu with them, I believe both Lost and Life on Mars are also connected.

So, will it all happen again? And is it hypothetical or literal?

I can't say, although my evidence seems to reveal to me that we are experiencing situations that are very similar, if not identical, to ones we have already experienced. Or at least I am.

Regardless, here's to a successful series, one that we will miss very much.

So Say We All

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