Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Karma, it's Real

What a shitty day. I have felt physically sick, today. Work was a drag, and I'm feeling more blue today, than usual. It seems everyone in the lab was not in a particularly good mood today. I can usually wear a smile at work, even on the worse days, but today, it was just different. I knew PKD's day of departure was near this time, but I forgot it was today, until I was reminded by a blog post by the totaldickhead.

Last year, in the middle of February, I took a job assignment in southeast Wyoming for a supposed 6 week contract. On the way, I took a slight detour to Fort Morgan, Colorado to visit the burial site of PKD.

I got totally screwed out of the contract (their new employee was starting sooner than was planned). They said I wasn't a fit, which the Manager was full of shit. I can't really blame her, though. After all, I suppose it was supposed to happen that way.

Anyway, I spent a total of about 5 days there before heading back home. Again, I visited PKD's memorial.
Should have known something like this would happen. The pendent could have been there before, in the covered snow. In fact, it most likely was. I still believe I was meant to see it.


Kappa no He said...

That is most definitely karma! How cool is that?!!

Once I lost this lovely emerald green pendant with 'health' written on it. It was quite small and I didn't know where I had lost it. A few weeks later I was walking the dog and was about thirty minutes away from my house and just happened to look at a certain spot on the ground and there it was, half buried in a crack in the road.

MDK said...

Woah! That is neat! Did it happen to be on St. Patty's day?