Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Penultimate Truth

I thought I had posted about ordering PKD's "The Penultimate Truth" already, but alas, I can not find it; therefor I will say it now.

In November of 2002 (in the middle of my psychic anomalies I ordered "The Penultimate Truth from Amazon. Actually, I had to buy it used from Alibris through Amazon. They sent me an appreciably weathered and old specimen. It was an original print date of 1964 by Belmont Books.

To be noted was that this was in the middle of my psychic experiences and deja vu, although I had no deja vu of this particular experience (at least that I remember).
Apparently, the book handler saw fit to personalize my invoice for the order with his John Hancock. That's no big deal. However, his first name was Phil and last name was Thomas. This was near the time that I found the note (Simon, Call Home ASAP)and was thinking about the whole Simon/Thomas situation.

I'm aware this could be totally coincidental, but it is interesting, to say the least.

BTW, does anybody know how much an avid collector would pay for such a copy?


Anonymous said...

This book is valued between $2 and $10. Given what I see on the picture posted (a bent corner) I would say that an avid collector would not buy it because it is fairly easy to find one in mint condition for less than $10.
Avid collectors fight only over are hard cover books.

MDK said...

Thanks, Henri

I figured as much, but alas, the ol' eye in the sky has me wondering about everything lately. I know a little bit ;) about writing, but not much about collecting books. So, what are your thoughts on the rest of the post, and perchance my site, if you've happened to dig a little?