Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Simon - Call Home ASAP Mom and Dad

Here is a picture of the note that I discovered beneath one of my windshield wipers on my Dodge Daytona back in 2002. As this previous post stated, My family and I were walking home from a street carnival (this just a few nights after the dream and actuality of my antenna being missing from the same car, along with all the other psychic phenomenon occurring at that time) and discovered it.

We lived just about 5-6 blocks from the downtown carnival so we walked to and fro. My car was obviously in our own parking lot (shared with other tenants of the building). I suppose, because there was a fair of sorts, our parking area could have been shared by other fair-goers, and perhaps somebody was just confused as to what their child drove.

Because of all the deja vu and other psychic events going on in my life at the time, I just don't believe it was coincidence.

Could "Simon" be me, as PKD was "Thomas". One of our many secret codes?

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