Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You Want the BigDog on Your Side

Oh man, I'm either half asleep or buzzed on ambien and michelob, and yes, unfortoneately it's the latter one. I don't have a problem, because I'm running out of ambien, Shit!

Anyyyyy Way, I just found this On Singularity link in which they referenced a You Tube video provided by Boston Dynamics. It's a video that has just been released this month and it shows some testing conditions of the most advanced quadreped in the world. It's called the "BigDog".

And it can scale some of the most uneven terrain and handle and adjust like a pro.
Oh no, this reminds me of the Robocop movie. Gee, I hope they don't intend to give it weopens any time soon. Really Cool!


Anonymous said...

The extent of this coincidence is just too funny to describe, given what you linked here.

And don't get the wrong idea; I'm not about making friends. Not with you, nano-control.

Maybe it's a time-travelling Nazi dog from Peenemunde.

MDK said...

Hey, Dude. No pressure. However, if you would humor me: just what "coincidence" are you referring to?