Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Philip Dick Quote on Zen Page a day Calendar

This a page from the Page A Day group of Calendars. This one comes from the Zen Page A Day. There are most certainly better quotes from that calendar I could post, but ... you know, with the PKD Connection, and all. It seems like its meant to be phrased in such black and white issue. However, we could also speak of not only physical reality, social reality, philosophical reality. And just what is consensal reality, anyway? Do we really know?


Kappa no He said...

I'd heard that before. I didn't know it was PKD!

MDK said...

Yep, although, I believe this quote was given for the masses. Phil, himself, very often changed his views on reality. Most people would go totally insane when heavily confronted with evidence to the contrary. Some would argue that he WAS insane. I'd like to think he was merely "troubled".

Take care!