Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Near Future Phone

A few days ago I was guided by a site (which I have forgotten)to a website that displayed an animated demonstration of a Nokia phone that is in development (I think at the concept phase at this point).

I found another site last night with a link so although not the site I first saw it, I did find a post about it here. Within the post there is a link to Nokia's demonstration.

I've got only 3 words: Damn, that's Cool!


Kappa no He said...

Shiiiit. I was going to say somethng about cell phones here. It's what my husband is working on. Nowadays, people use their phones to pay for purchases (almost every store has the swiping devices now), train tickets, juice at the vending machines. Not to mention the GPS things that actually help you navigate the city, by phone. But your post just blew my mind!

MDK said...

Aint it cool! I can't wait to get mine.