Friday, September 11, 2009

911, Presidents and Dreams, Oh My!

First, I'm still alive. The machine has not taken me down yet.

Today is the 8th year to the day that many lives were taken and the towers fell in NYC. So I will take various moments through out the day in remembrance of them and all the frailties of human nature.

Now this may come as no surprise but the past month I have had a few notable deja vu experiences, which I will summarize sometime in the near future. Of course, there were a few events timed "suspiciously".

I had a dream just last night that I was in Baltimore, MD and trying to get to Washington DC. That's about all I will say for now until memory serves me. It's "suspicious" in the fact that just this morning (after my dream, or at least I think) that there was a potential problem with President Obama's safety. Apparently the US Coast Guard was conducting exercises in the Potomac River near the Memorial Bridge where President Obama's motorcade just happened to be passing. Perhaps not at the exact same time, but close enough to lend credence to my dream (at least for me). Interesting.


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