Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Gamble

To my very few friends related to this blog ... I'm sorry for the drama and that I don't post frequently. Your visits make a difference to me, please keep checking in.

I haven't been feeling well and had to take time off from my work. Per company policy my position was terminated. I am getting a short-term disability benefit (portion of weekly pay). Not sure when I'll be ready to begin searching for new work. Certainly not now.

My next thought is: If there are any brave, courageous Venture Capitalists out there who may possibly have a flare for the hidden, and a gnawing sense of wanting to be involved with a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon consider investing in my investigations into what "ALL THAT IS" is really about. You know something isn't right. I am here to guide humankind to that knowledge and realization. Or so the evidence and personal experience directs me to believe.

I can guarantee my phenomenal novel that is titled "Alienus Tractus" to be complete in one year. I just need to be able to work on that novel, without distraction of other duties. US travel is important to the development of this story.

I'm not asking for much, considering this is a global commitment, and every sentient life on Earth may be at risk. Help me uncover the pentultimate truth, if there is one. Let's see where my writing goes, shall we. I will include names of benefactors in one way or another in my work, if wished.



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