Sunday, December 9, 2007

I am SO Insane

Okay, so I'm going to rename this blog to:

Universal Reality: Reality show from your friendly neighborhood Multiverse spy

Nah! I shant want to blow my cover.

Now, but really.

I believe I've already mentioned about the uneasy familiarity I've been sensing with this particular area in Georgia. Well, I've been watching Alias (the ABC series that aired for 5 seasons). I've purchased the DVD sets. So far I'm up to the third season, and have just finished watching episode 13.

There are 2 particular plot points to this story that have induced a deja vu moment. These scenes that I'm referring to seem so familiar. Just so you know, I did not purchase intending on finding cryptic information. If there is any there, I haven't found it yet. It's just the eerie familiarity that I sense.

The first one involved Dixon (Sydney's former field partner from SD6 who begins working for the CIA). His wife is killed by the "Covenant". And of course he is disraught. However, he insists that he is able to go out for duty, despite protests from Sydney, Jack, and others.

The second one has to do with Vaughn's wife, Lauren. Turns out, she's not as patriotic as we think. It's another one of those literally "marry your enemies" scenario.

What are the implications? Well, I wouldn't want to bore you.
Besides, do you really want to hear this from a nut?
Well, I don't even understand it myself.

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