Sunday, April 1, 2007

Brain Clutter

Maybe I'm the only one I know like this, but I feel extremely "fragmented", especially when my house is a mess and unorganized. My study room has been a tragedy for a few months now, worsening nearly every day with pile upon pile of bills, papers, magazines and other personal items. The more messy it is, the more fragmented I feel and thus less able to do anything about it. Today, I finally physcically initiated what I have been procrastinating against for so long. Yes, I'm organizing the study room at this very moment (aside from this brief interlude).

Come on dust bunnies! I've got my Swiffer ready and then for round two, my Pledge and microfiber towels. I'm also rearraging my books on all my book cases. I'm attempting to keep the taller books on the ends with the shortest in the center. However, it's a little tricky when trying to keep all the subjects together. Arrggh! Not enough shelves!

To the point, I feel so much better and "defragmented" already. My mind is beginning to clear somewhat. Hopefully, this will help me get my "butt-on chair" and write more fiction. Well, any writing is good.

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