Saturday, April 14, 2007

Writer's Market

Woo hoo! I'm so excited! We received a hospital wide bonus yesterday. I took the family out for dinner, a movie: Meet the Robinsons (possible review or summary to come later), and then a Blizzard for my daughter and French Vanilla Moo Latte's for the GF and me.

I also purchased the 2007 Writer's Market: Deluxe Edition. It includes a complimentary year's subscription to the website version of Writer's Market. Not like my reading project list will let me devour it all immediately, but I am planning to scan over everything and narrow in on some markets of interests. Fiction is what I'm primarily in to, however, I am thinking about broadening out to the non-fiction magazine markets.

Their website has a submission tracker, as well as "folders" you can direct your canditate markets to. Well, you can organize it any way that works best for you. I think it will be quite convenient. I'm an organization freak, ya know.

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