Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Philip K. Dick, Who?

Every now and then, I'll mosy on over to the official PKD website and then link from there to the site that was formerly known as the unofficial home of PKD on the web, or the next best thing. The current official homepage has the web URL that the fan site used to have. So J.K. has moved his site to philipkdickfans.com. I realize I don't look at site as often as I would like to. However, there really is not much happening, except spam. Where does this spam come from? Half-life?

There we go, a new name for spammers, at least for Friends of Phil. We'll call those spammers- Half-lifers or even non-entities. Isn't there anything that they could do to redirect the traffic of those half-lifers. They're tearing up the place, man. At this rate it's all going to kipple. Let's bring Phil back into our existense, break open the lines of communication over at the Official Site and also at the Fan Site.

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