Friday, September 26, 2014

Alienus Tempus the Memoir Reboot

I have decided (once again) to work on my memoir. It is of the same name as the novel, Alienus Tempus.

That being the case, I will not have the first draft of Alienus Tempus the novel by the end of this year. Most of the groundwork for the memoir has been completed for some time, but for a reason that now eludes me I decided to work on the fictionalized version of my life, which would be the novel.

I guess sometimes I think that what has transpired in my life is so unbelievable that people would simply not believe those things to have happened. Therefor, I thought that a "fictional autobiography" (aka... the novel) would be a better medium. And though I do intend to finish the novel one day, for various reasons I cannot publicly disclose as of yet, I am compelled to work on the memoir once again.

I have no definite time frame, though I hope to have if complete and publishable some time in March 2015.

I will be keeping the facebook page for Alienus Tempus the novel active as I definitely intend to finish in the future.

Soon, I will be creating a facebook page for Alienus Tempus the memior. I plan that page to be more active than the novel page was. There will be several multimedia additions and excerpts to the page.
I will post the link when it is available.

I hope to see some of you there...

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