Wednesday, August 27, 2014

POTUS, Museums, and Falling Stars (or UFO's) Oh My!

I had at least two, possibly more, possibly interconnected dreams concerning what I think may have been DC and the POTUS. 

In what I think was the first dream I was with my daughters mother in what I think may have been DC. We were visiting museums and sometimes separated for individual excursions. What was most remarkable was that later that night I saw several falling stars or meteorites. They were traveling in many different trajectories and angles. Some seemed to be even "falling up" at various angles. There were no known meteor showers at the time.  I'm unclear if they really were meteorites or just could be classified as UFO's. 

The other dream that I remember involved the POTUS (President of the US). Some of the details are obscure, and I'm not sure I ever dreamt of the actual president of the United States. I'm not even sure who he or she was. The technology involved seemed to be current or slightly advanced. The situation was possibly a training exercise, although it may have been more nefarious. I'm uncertain at the moment...

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