Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am not a Terrorist

One would think that with the claims I have made and assumptions I have made, surviving relatives and ex-spouses of Philip K Dick would at least acknowledge my existence. It's not like I'm asking for your (excuse me, I meant Phil's) money. I know what part I had in the creation of some of Phil's work (crazy as it seems (hum...maybe that's why they don't talk to me)). You will not hurt my feelings, by saying you have no evidence of my involvement with the psyche of PKD. But hows about sharing some more of those Exigesis entries, shall we? It's something the Estate has been claiming it would do since the official launch of their website PhilipKDick.com.

I don't know, perhaps their are more PKD loonies out there than I realize. But you should know this, I AM the Real Deal. Movie adaptions of PKD's novels will come and go and eventually entropy would take them into obscurity. However, My Story will endure the Test of Time, and because it involves Phil, he will also endure. I have partaken of UBIK (twice, if you care to read my experiences).

It seems like the Estate thinks I am a terrorist, and they are standing by the "we will not negotiate with terrorists" clause.

Well Kids, I am Not a terrorist. I am the closest thing to your Father than you could ever realize. And believe me, I do not say this lightly. I understand that this could likely piss off quite a few people, especially relatives and fans. I do apologize. But like Phil said, it is likely that friends will misinterpret what he said.

Right now, I am working on a story that involves nanotechnology, government conspiracy, two dead scifi writers and one living. And my PKD related posts will be in the book just as that. Except they will be posted not by MDK, but by PJP - Phoenix Janus Pax.

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