Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh, Brother!

I recently bought a digital copier/scanner/printer from Best Buy. It is a Brother DCP 7020. It' got decent reviews on various sights. But, I can't get the damned thing to install on my Vista home premium Notebook. It's so damned frustrating. I feel like pulling out my hair. Yeah, I wish this was as frustrating as my life would get. Anyway, I have to go to a level 5 (ooooh) support. They will send the request out Monday, and I may get a reply on Wednesday. It's probably one of my programs blocking the install. I could just take it back. Humph. Decisions, decisions.

It shouldn't be that big a deal, but I seem to be at yet another impasse in writing. It's like I can't even begin until I get this problem resolved. Frustrating!

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