Sunday, November 11, 2007

Do Sentients dream of electric cigars?

I had another PKD dream just about three or four nightes ago. I haven't written it down anywhere but here. I should have when I first encountered the memory of it. All I know is that we both be enjoying some mighty fine cigars. But of course, we talked, it seemed like hours. And now I can't remember a damned thing of it. He looked to be about 43-48 years old in that particular dream.

Don't worry Phil, I'm coming for ya buddy. I sense you. My homeoplasmate kin. We will figure this thing out. I'm trying to write, but am lacking in some inspiration and time. Gotta' work, Phil.

"coincidences cease at the bequest of mutliple synchronicities"

This employment opportunity has given me more that enough time to write. I just need to sit down and do it. And it shall be done.


Kappa no He said...

Hey, because of you (you mentioned him in one of your blogs awhile back) I bought that book, "Do Androids Dream of Electic Sheep" (was it?). I got it by my bed and as soon as I finish "Illium" I'm gonna read it. Have you read "Illium"? I am truly enjoying it! I think you would too.

Also, not more than two hours ago I finished the last of season three of Lost. WOW!! Have you finished yet? I cried and I cheered and I cried again.

Now I need to google to see what Philip K Dick looks like...I'm not sure...

MDK said...

Hey Kappa! Hope you enjoy "Androids". If for some reason your not really excited about that book, try PKD's "Ubik" or "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch". I haven't Illium yet but I do remember reading about it and Dan Simmons other, is it called Hyperion?

Lost, it just gets deeper and better, doesn't it? I can hardly wait for the next season, although rumor has it that they will only air 8 of the 16 due to the strike. I was all for the strike, but now,(since it's affected LOST), I don't know. Hah!

Oh, s*@t! You got the DVD's didn't you? I know they were supposed to come out earlier in Japan. In the US they will hit the shelves December 11th, I think.

I missed season 3 regular season (I wasn't a fan or even aware of them at that point) but I bought them from itunes. But of course there is no extras. I will buy the DVD's when they come out here as well. I don't think there are any other shows I would do that for.

Yes, please read about PKD. And if you have time, read my posts to the right of the main page. It says "my PKD experiences: Read from bottom up".

And if you want to try to grasp this situation I am in, you truly should read it from bottum to top. And I pinky swear, it's all true. It really happened. I may not be interpreting everything correctly, but I believe that too much has gone on for this situation to be just coincidental.

Okay, I'll stop rambling, now. Have a good day.