Thursday, July 19, 2007

Now What?

Last weekend I purchased Lost Season 3 from the Itunes store. Unfortunately, I can't download to my Zen MP3 Player. It has to be Itunes. That Apple's rotten, let me tell ya'.

Anyway, I had to get Season 3; I just couldn't wait until December for the US DVD release. I will purchase those, too. You know, for the special features.

Now, I have to wait until next February 08 to watch Season 4. Looking forward to it.


Kappa no He said...

So are you going to buy an ipod? I cracked when I wanted to sign up for Audible and they wouldn't take my Sony listening device (my phone actually). That Apple/ipod culture scares me.

MDK said...

I've had a "Zen" from Creative Labs for a few months now. Unlike Ipod you can view video from many different formats. It's pretty cool. About Lost, I can only watch it on the desktop or laptop with Itunes installed.