Monday, July 2, 2007

Lost Weekend

Well, it was a Lost Weekend, pun intended. Ha!

I stayed up all night and day watching Lost Season 2. I'm currently browsing the bonus features. I can't believe I now have to wait until December to get Season 3.
Any chance ABC will do reruns?

If it were a book, it would be unputdownable.

This type of intricately interwoven play on plots through flashbacks, etc. really inspires me to write my own serial of stories, so that I may inhabit those worlds, for much longer than a weekend. I feel sort of "Lost".

P.S. Hi, Terrie


Kappa no He said...

Sounds like you like it! Good good! I probably need to re watch it and jot down the loose ends that made me go huh? Isn't Sayid great!?

MDK said...

Yeah, I think Sayid is a very noble person. At this point, my favorite is John Lock.

Kappa no He said...

I was too, but he lost so much of his "togethernes" in the second season and I think I blamed the writers for that. Season one, he was the Man!