Sunday, April 28, 2013

Searching for Fragments of My Consciousness

I'm in the beginning stages of undergoing a new journey. Although I'll be mobile, it's one of a deep, personal - dare I say, Transcendent nature.

I'm not sure how long this will last. Our journeys last a lifetime, though there are mini quests to experience along the way. Sometimes they are detours, but all are still part of The Individual Path.

Logistically, my resources are limited. However, I'm at the point where that will not stop me. I'm prepared to even be homeless (in fact, that's probably meant to be part of the path).

I won't stop until I've found what I'm looking for.


Kappa no He said...

Wishing you all the best. A little scary I'm sure but also very exciting!

Anonymous said...

I may be way off-mark here, but after reading your post, I had a few thoughts...

New journeys along our path are what keeps us truly alive. Without them, we wither and become uncomfortable in unconscious ways, because we require growth via new experience. This can also cause us to seek adventure in places that usually are better left untraveled.

I truly envy the sense of freedom that you radiate. I realize that from your path, it may not seem like freedom - and I am by no means belittling your situation. However, my responsibilities inhibit the opportunity for me to do any such thing... even as much as I long for it sometimes, and even if I dug up my roots to carry with me. I have a longing to look for the next branch of path - one that isn't connected to my current one. The feeling that one is on the wrong main path is quite unsettling, and especially so when there's nothing one can do to attempt a remedy.

As difficult or impossible as things may seem sometimes, please try to keep in mind that you are never "homeless". In the literal sense, you aren't as long as you have someone that cares for you to any degree. You do have many friends that care for you - even though some of us seem like mere acquaintances, rest assured that we are here. Sometimes, our own personal flaws keep us from being able to attempt the closeness of a friendship. On a side note, an outstretched hand of a good heart when you are in need is always a friend, which can lead you to a sense of home (even if it's temporary, it can provide much-needed growth). In the spiritual sense, as long as you can meditate to your sense of peace within yourself, you are your home. In your travels, remember that if you are off-balance spiritually, move to the next point physically. Alignment of mind, body and spirit are a must for continuance of inner peace. (My speaking in spiritual terms has nothing to do with religion.)

"I won't stop until I've found what I'm looking for." What, exactly, is it that you're looking for?

MDK said...

Thank you, Terri. You are correct on both terms!

MDK said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for both your kind words and your insight. Indeed, you are correct in several aspects.

I hope that one day you will be able to fork over to the next branch of your path that you need to take. Perhaps when it's time for you to do so, you'll be merrily surprised with opportunity.

I truly sense a profound kind of joy, since your telling me of the friends who may only seem like acquaintances. That means very much to me.

Sometimes I think much of what I'm looking for is that alignment of mind, body and spirit. However, I think the alignment for me, will be like a tool, one of which will assist me in determining what it is that I am looking for. I'm not so sure is a physical, tangible thing as opposed to a more profound state of mind.

Again Anonymous, thank you very much for your words. I hope you will follow along with my journey. I'm not sure how much I will publicly share at this point. It may evolve into something else entirely. I will probably post some things on Facebook. I may even create a separate blog for this alone. I'm not sure as to the frequency of the posting. There will be the usual concern of internet access. Also, I'm uncertain how much of this I should share, if any. I suppose I'm experimenting, attempting to determine what will lead to more gnosis.

Anonymous said...

Keep your senses up, I hear that alignment is easily overlooked when one arrives at it. I'd like to tell you what it feels like, but I'm still waiting for it myself. I have yet to figure out how to let the synchronicities in my life direct my path.

MDK, you are an amazing person. I truly believe there are many people who would be interested in your journey. I will be following along as much as I am able.

No frequent internet access isn't an impossible obstacle - you could always keep a written journal and backdate your blog! ;) Also, I'm sure there are either settings or add-ons for a blog to control privacy, should you want to not share all of your journal.

You are already on the path, and where ever it may lead, I wish you the best of luck with the exploration. I have a feeling that you will finish it with not only a discovery of much needed knowledge, but also of enlightenment and validation.

MDK said...

I'm grateful that you will be following me, Anonymous. I hope I don't bore you or anyone else for that matter.

I only hope that you will gain something from my musings and ramblings, if not only for entertainment!

As Beings who like to create order from chaos, I believe it is only natural for us to long for alignment, even enlightenment. I believe each and every one of us has that capacity to achieve.
Thank you kindly for the tips with journaling and blogging. Once I settle in I will begin writing. Before then I'll do more light posting such as pictures, etc on Facebook. You are welcome to friend me if you like.

I am humbled by compliment. I hope that I can give insight to certain aspects of the human condition that others may find useful.

I should be in Taos, NM either Monday or Tuesday. I'll see you there in digital life.

Best Wishes