Monday, October 1, 2012

A Hum Conundrum

I'm back... at least for a bit.

After several months of not hearing or feeling "the hum", I have felt/heard it over the past few weeks. Not consistently, just here and there.

I "water fasted" last week for the first time. My goal was to make it 48 hours and I succeeded. I'll go into that in more depth on another post. I'm currently fasting again. I began at 7:10 pm on Saturday 9/29/2012. I hope to go at least 72 hours this time.

I slept most of Sunday, waking up occasionally. Sometime around 7 pm I heard and felt that pulsating frequency I refer to as "the hum". I heard it again around 5 hours later. Having slept all day Sunday, I am now awake and hopefully will stay awake.

I live in a large house/building with several apartments, therefor I can not guarantee that the hum is not being emitted from some device in one of those apartments. I'm sure it's nothing in mine. There is no one living upstairs.

During this fast, I hope to meditate more and reflect on everything that's happened. If it is truly "the hum", perhaps I'll experience it more as I try to get "in tune" with our home.

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