Sunday, February 8, 2009

Life on Mars

This first half of 2009 promises to be (at least to me) a good season for ABC. Of course, it all started with Lost, my favorite show ever. No less compelling in a slightly different setting is Life on Mars, which just arrived at ABC Fall 2008.

So much of both of these shows parallels my own life. I could devise my own exigesis line by line which would explain how all these influences came to be. That is a work that will never end, at least not with my life. Perhaps it can be analyzed later, most probably in the "Annals of Clinical Psychiatry & Interdimensional Travel". Well, maybe just a current clinical psychiatry journal. Heh! Heh!

The picture above is a scene from I believe the first or second episode. It involves the protagonist, Sam Tyler, and Anne Norris. She is not only the coffee server and paper shuffler, but she is actually a psychologist by education and is quite capable of performing in that capacity. She councils Sam and helps sort through some of the "theories" he throws around his head.

Hum... Just about summons up many of my own theories. I have personally considered everyone of these myself.


Kappa no He said...

I am so not caught up on Lost. Ever since they started doing flash forwards. I've heard great things. And Life on Mars, I've heard wonderful things about that, too. I seriously need to start ordering dvd sets.

MDK said...

Hey, Kappa! Nice to hear from you. Yes, catch up. You can watch full episodes (all of them) of both Lost and Life on Mars.