Monday, August 13, 2007

Don't read this

This isn't exactly the type of post I was hoping to get back to : (

I'm so tired... I'm tired of trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do. Tired of not being able to focus more on my family, and less on this curse. What's a ghost to do?


Kappa no He said...

I have actually been stopping here every couple days looking for you. I figured maybe you were traveling for summer vacation or something. I'm glad to see you back, but sad that you are feeling like crap.

Health. Why can't we just all be healthy? I have issues with mine as well...doctors and tests and results tomorrow. I hate this anticipation.

I do hope you can feel better soon. Maybe once they nail down what it is. I do check here though so even if you want to blog..."I feel like crap today." I'll read and comment! Probably with something like..."Me too!"

MDK said...

Hey! Thanx for dropping by. I really do appreciate it. And thank you for the well wishes. I was feeling awful that night. Still not up to posting regularly, but I hope to soon.

Hope your test results come back OK. BTW, I'm a "clinical laboratory scientist" so if you have any questions about test results, just ask away. email me if you like.

Kappa no He said...

And thank you! Tests were okay, thank god. Right now trying to make myself some type of do-able routine that involves more exercise, and less sugar, alcohol, and grease. I do hope you feel great soon. Health really is the most important thing.