Wednesday, June 6, 2007


As if life isn't complicated enough. I so Frackin' frustrated with myself. I'm trying to push myself, and feel as if I'm about to go over the edge, again. No, it's not that bad, it can never get as bad as that. My mind was the sum negative of what a lost sentience could have become, and yet still be self-aware. What ever that confused, mangled, self could think, anyway.

I'm just frustrated that I don't have enough time to write fiction. Well, I can make it (time) just like every other writer out there. I've even created another blog (a subject I do like and am familiar with, and am experimenting also with adsense) and need to research, etc. I've just bought more books from Amazon, one of which is Write: 10 Days to Overcome Writer's Block. Period. by Karen E. Peterson. I intend to read this one (although in all likelihood it will collect dust onlong with the other 30 some odd books on writing I've amassed). Not to mention the 40 hour work week at the hospital. Stressful job, too. Damn, wish I could go part time. That's my rant!


Michael said...

40 hours a week in a hospital ... I feel for you. I'm sure you'll find some time to write fiction. Incidentally, what kind of fiction do you write? You're into the speculative genres, aren't you?

MDK said...

Hi Michael,

When I actually do get "button" chair I write science fiction, although I would like to dab in some type of fantasy eventually.
I probably seemed like a big baby, I know. It's just with all these other reading projects I'm trying to keep up with (keeping abreast of my occupational field, all the fiction and non-fiction books I have on hold, etc.) it's just so daunting. Wish I could upload info like in The Matrix. That wood be cool, but alas, I would probably feel like I had been cheating.

Kappa no He said...

You're not ranting. I feel like that most of the time and I'm not half as busy as you are. But I always want more time. These days I carry around books on time managent and tend to let the housework pile up for a day or two.

I think the creative aspect of writing does something wonderful to our souls. I'm such a nicer person when I get my 1,000 words in.

MDK said...

Hi kappa no he,

Time management, yeah, I wish I had time to research that! Hehe!

It's a vicious cycle we put ourselves in, isn't it? I've always said that I would write a minimum amount per day and I do plan on it.